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Sunflower Shaker Card

This is a fun card that only requires 3 stamps and a sprinkling of seeds to complete.

# 104-H, Take time...
# 1326-A, Ladybug
# 3402-K, Spring Frame

Other Materials:
Black Pigment Ink
Clear Embossing Powder
Embossing Heat Tool
5.5" x 8.5" Antique Gold Parchment Cover Stock
5.5" x 8.5" White Cover Stock
Small Piece of Acetate
Small Piece of Foam Core
Exacto Knife
Glue or Double-sided Sticky Tape
Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

1) Stamp and emboss "Spring Frame" twice on the white cover stock. Color just the inner box with the sunflower on one of the stamped images and color just the outer frame of the other. Set aside.

2) Fold the parchment cover stock once in half and then open flat again for stamping. Stamp "Take time" at a diagonal several times across the face of the card. Stamp "Ladybug" at intervals around the face of the card. Emboss, color and set aside.

3) Using the piece with the sunflower you colored, carefully cut out just inside the lines of the outermost box of the overall stamped image. Set aside.

4) Carefully cut just outside the outer frame of the border you previously colored. Cut out the inside area containing the uncolored sunflower. (This can be thrown out or set aside to use on some other project.) You should now have just the outer frame of the original image. Use this frame piece as a template on the foam core and carefully trace around the inside and outside lightly with pencil. Set your original colored border aside. Cut just inside the pencil lines on the foam core to end up with a foam core frame that is just slightly smaller than your original frame border.

5) Cut a piece of acetate that is big enough to completely cover the open window of your frame. Set aside.

6) Glue the foam core border over the uncolored frame of your sunflower piece. You should now have a nicely colored sunflower framed by the white foam core frame.

7) Sprinkle in a few dwarf sunflower seeds. Glue acetate over the foam core frame to create a window and hold your seeds inside. Glue your colored border frame over the acetate.

8) Glue the finished shaker frame to the center of your ladybug card.

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