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Mini Purse Pendant
by Arlene Stump

For those of you who have visited with us at a convention recently, you may recognize these cute little creations (above and below) demoed for us by Arlene Stump. Arlene combined several of our solid images using shadow stamping techniques and Ranger Antiquities ink pads. These nifty little mini purse pendants begin with a shipping tag and hold a small Post-It Notes pad.

Stamps used in samples above:

Shadow Stamps:
# 5211-D, 1" x 1" Square...,
# 5209-F, 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" Square
# 5214-G, 2" Diamond Sil.
# 5217-G, 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" Oval Sil.
# 5213-G, Triangle Sil.

Silhouette Stamps:
# 5122-C, Sm. Diamond Deco
# 5137-C, Sm. Pinwheel
# 5138-C, Sm. Sun
# 5123-C, Sm. Butterfly
# 5132-D, Sm. Heart

Postoid Stamps:
# 5004-G, Post 4
# 5005-G, Post 5
# 5006-G, Post 6
# 5011-G, Post 11
# 5007-F, Post 7
# 5009-F, Post 9
# 4925-G, Sisterhood Post
# 4911-G, Tropicale Post
# 4936-F, Cheetah Post
# 4921-G, Paradise Post

Other Materials:
1/8" hole punch
bone folder
(1 ) 4 3/4" x 2 3/8" shipping tag
(1) 1 1/2" x 2" Post-It Notes pad
34" rattail, leather or necklace cord
heart or round metallic pony bead
(2) 1/8" eyelets
(1) shrink plastic button stamped with Brilliance Ink Pad (Cosmic Copper, Platinum Planet or Galaxy Gold)
Gold, silver or copper Krylon Leafing Pen
(2) pieces of two sided (pink) tape
(1) hook & loop velcro set cut into small square
(1) 1/8" eyelet setter
Small board
Ranger Antiquities Pads
Ranger Archival Ink Pads in coordinating colors

1) Stamp shadow stamps or solid postoids with a light shade of two different inks on both sides of the tag. Stamp a darker shade of ink and a small solid stamp or outline stamp. Overstamp one of the colors with a regular postoid stamp (the same size as the outline stamp) with a coordinating Archival ink.

2) Place Post-It Notes near the middle of the tag and fold the tag around the Post-It and crease with your fingers. Now use the bone folder to burnish the creases.

3) Punch two holes at the top of the folded tag 1/4" from the outside on both sides. Insert eyelets and using setter hit with hammer on board.

4) Take Post-It Notes out and take Krylon Leafing Pen and outline entire tag on the outside. Attach a piece of two sided tape to the back of the Post-It Notes and affix to the tag.

5) Place a piece of two sided tape to the shrink plastic button or regular button and affix over the outside reinforced hole. On the back side of the reinforced hole attach the hook and loop pieces together. Pull up the flap and press the top closed (this should affix both pieces of the velcro set).

6) String the necklace through the first hole and up and out of the second hole of the eyelets. Taking the two ends of the necklace, string through the pony bead and make a knot. You may attach additional beads or make additional knots if desired. Make final knot so that pendant is comfortable.

Questions or comments? Email Arlene :-)

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