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"We used to have a life,
now we have rubber stamps!"

Hello, my name is Wendy Wyman. My husband Bill Welsh and I are the team behind Repeat Impressions. Established in 1996 and based in Freeport, Maine we offer a collection of high quality, creative art stamps many inspired by the natural beauty of Maine. Together, we design and manufacture our line of stamps that now feature over 2000 designs in the Repeat Impressions collection.

I was 4 years old the first time I announced that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. Many years and many sketchbooks later I found myself with a BFA in Graphic Design. I spent the next 11 years working in advertising, freelancing and running a printing company. And then it happened... my mother became a rubber stamping addict and the rest was history. Her encouragement lead me to try to turn my collection of illustrations into fine art rubber stamps. And Bill who was looking for a career change at that time, jumped at the idea of learning a new skill and the opportunity to play with power tools on a daily basis. And so Repeat Impressions was born and rubber stamps took over our lives.

I am the artist behind all of Repeat Impressions' designs. I create all the pen and ink illustrations that become the art stamps. I also enjoy writing many of the verses to go with my illustrations. In addition, I design and produce our catalog, handle the advertising and marketing, design and maintain our website, as well as process your orders and inquiries. On a good day and for a nice change of pace I like to spend some time helping Bill assemble stamps. You may also know me from my demos or classes at one of our many stamp shows around the country over the past 20+ years.

Bill manufactures all of our art stamps in our little workshop. Each stamp is carefully produced using deeply etched red rubber. This method begins with a specially made deep etched magnesium plate created from the original artwork. This metal plate is then used to produce the matrix board. The matrix board works like a mold. Sheets of raw rubber are placed on the matrix board and the rubber dies are pressed in a vulcanizer using a lot of heat and pressure. After the rubber has been cured it is pulled from the mold to cool and then the individual images are cut apart to create the rubber dies. These are then mounted on grey cushion, skillfully hand trimmed with a scroll saw, and attached to hourglass shaped hardwood mounts.

Repeat Impressions art stamps are used to create many unique handmade items including greeting cards, memory books, wrapping paper, gift tags, writing paper, invitations and bookmarks. They are also used to decorate envelopes, picture frames, even your walls. They can be stamped on fabric to design a T-shirt, a tote bag or quilt squares. You can even stamp them on clay and create your own jewelry. Rubber stamps are a wonderfully creative tool!

In addition to our own line of art rubber stamps we also produce polymer custom stamps and Ideal self-inking stamps for all your other personal and business needs. Simply provide us with your own artwork, business logo, even your child's drawing and we can create a custom art stamp that is uniquely yours. Send us your signature or mailing address and we can recreate it on a self-inking stamp to help make your business tasks easier.

Please join our e-list if you'd like to receive occasional email notices of new design releases, specials, projects, events and other stamping news. Just click on this e-list link and fill in a short form. And don't worry...we don't share the names on our list. All information is kept in complete confidence.


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